Ukraine Crises and Supply Chain

Announcement 02/25/2022:

Sanctions And Supply Chain:

As of right now, sanctions have not targeted clothing. However, the situation is rapidly changing and we are reassessing the situation every day. Incoming shipments from Russia have been delayed for a minimum of one week. This will impact our restocking times. Please bear with us during this time.


Russian Cold Camo Ukraine Relief Program:

We are praying for our staff, partners, and friends on both sides of the current Ukraine conflict. We are especially concerned about the suffering that innocent civilians in Ukraine are experiencing right now.

To help, we have decided to donate 100% of our profits to directly help evacuate Ukrainian civilians and provide much needed humanitarian supplies to those in need from 02/25/2022 to 03/04/2022. After this, we will donate 10% of all profits from 03/04/2022 to 04/04/2022. These funds will be donated to This is an established international charity (since 1919) that is actively involved in Ukraine to provide “Children and families with immediate aid, such as food, water, hygiene kits, psychosocial support and cash assistance.” They advertise that 85% of their donations straight to their “mission to provide lifesaving relief to children”


According to their site:

$50 can provide enough food to keep 3 children from going hungry for a month

$150 can wrap 30 warm, cozy blankets around children affected by conflict

$300 can provide 150 face masks to refugee health workers on the front line


Update 10/15/2022:

As you know from the news, the crisis unfolding in Eastern Europe is very serious. When it started, some of our friends and staff in Ukraine had to take their families, whatever they could carry, and relocate. Some of those in Russia have also been suffering greatly. We have only stories of loss and sadness, with no winners from either side of the border. The reality is that most Ukrainians and Russians do not hate each other, and are forced into this nightmare by forces beyond their control. The sheer scale of the suffering on both sides of this conflict is horrific, and not seen at this scale in Europe since World War 2.

Thank you to all of our customers. We would not be here without you. Thanks to your efforts, we have been able to help thousands of children in the Ukraine. We are thankful that clothing from Russia is still not sanctioned and we are still restocking as often as we can in small batches. We are continuing to pray for an end to this bloodshed, and we will celebrate the day when it arrives.