Stich Profi

Stich Profi Taiga Open Cartridge Belt (12-16 Gauge) Leather Brown

Open bandolier for 24 rounds from the collection of TAIGA production company STICH PROFI (Yekaterinburg) is Made of high quality modern Cordura material and edged with natural brown leather imported. Pockets for cartridges are made of genuine leather in a classic style and are made for 12-16 caliber cartridges. Cartridges slightly protrude above the upper edge of the bandolier, which allows you to quickly and easily get them during the hunt. In the production of bandolier used Italian fittings. The combination of selected materials provides lightness, strength and high wear resistance of the product due to Cordura, classic style and great appearance due to genuine leather. The weight of the bandolier is only 300 grams. Waist adjustment from 110 to 125 centimeters.

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