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Russian Army Special forces GRU Cloak Flora


This special cloak was delivered to the operating units of the GRU(Spetsnaz) special forces and mountain units. Made of a particularly durable waterproof camouflage fabric and the seams are taped for extra water resistance. It is used by special forces soldiers when crossing water barriers. To do this, the inflatable pouches are filled with air, weapons and equipment are placed inside the cloak and it is tied to the transport case which serves as a flotation device.  It can be used as an individual shelter or canopy from the rain and sun, a camouflage shelter, waterproof bags for crossing water, a stretcher, awning (dimensions 140x280 cm), ground cover(24x50cm) or wind block or sun shade. It can be very useful for hunters, hikers, fishermen and when camping.

-Hood with drawstring closure

-Front 5 button closure

-Grommets along bottom hem

-Side slits with Velcro closure for arm/hand access

-Transport case with inflatable pouch which could be used as a pillow

-Cloak has 3 inflatable pouches allowing the cloak to be used as an air mattress or flotation raft

Color: Flora

Material: Durable waterproof fabric

Manufacturer: AOZT NPF

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction and fit guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.


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