Bars GORKA-3 fleece (ATACS) Genuine Russian Army Special Military BDU Uniform Camo Hunting Suit

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The suit "Gorka-3" on fleece from the company bars is developed on the basis of a summer suit "Gorka-3". Warm fleece lining and thicker fabric on the outside make it comfortable to use Camouflage suits at temperatures up to minus 10 degrees. A higher waistband securely closes the waist and prevents blowing back. Also, the suit used canadian buttons planted on the tape, which is much stronger than conventional mounting. And this season the company "bars" specially ordered fabrics of new colors for the suit "Gorka-3 bars Fleece" – now the winter suit of the slide from the Leopard is available in the colors of "KHAKI" and "MOSS". And, of course, the most important advantage of the costumes from the company "bars" is the perfect cut and quality of materials and tailoring.

The composition of the suit " Gorka-3" includes:



-Suspenders (when ordering suspenders are always placed in the pocket of a jacket or trousers).

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