Arctic Leopard

Arctic Leopard GORKA-3 Suit A-TACS FG


The Gorka-3 Suit is designed for everyday wear in the Russian spring or fall (referred to as the demi-season). It is popular among hunters, fishermen, and those who enjoy outdoor activities such as camping and hiking.

This is the most famous iteration of Gorka. It was the state standard of the Soviet special forces (Spetsnaz), and is still used by the Russian special forces today. It is made in Russia by bAPC, which is the only authentic manufacturer of these suits.

-This suit is designed to be worn in outdoor environments to protect from rain, cold, and other elements.  The  upper layers of the shoulder area and the middle part of the hood increases the resistance of these areas to getting wet.

-The absence of  shoulder seams eliminates  leakage.

-The suit has a system of ties based on rubber-fabric tape on the sides of the jacket, on the sleeves, under the knees and at the bottom of the pants.

-The pocket flaps and sleeve welt back pockets of the pants are triangular in shape to reduce reflection of the extreme corners of the pockets.

-The Gorka 3 suit combines camouflage overlays with the main tent fabric khaki and distorts the silhouette of a man at remote distances.

-Made of water resistant tent fabric

-Quiet and silent material

-The suit is made of 100% canvas (tent) fabric 

-Jacket and pants are free cut for a better fit and to avoid "sailing" in the wind

-Pants are equipped with comfortable suspenders

-Bottom legs include ties for securing inside boots 

Sizes: See conversion chart below

Color: A-TACS FG (Foliage Green)

Material: 100% Canvas Tent Fabric

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction and fit guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada).  Made in Russia by Arctic Leopard, the same company that makes our famous Gorka 4 suits.


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