bAPC GORKA-3 Suit Khaki

This is the most famous iteration of Gorka. It was the state standard of the Soviet special forces (Spetsnaz) and is still used by the Russian special forces today. It is made in Russia by BARS, which is the only authentic manufacturer of these suits. This suit is designed to be worn in outdoor environments to protect from rain, snow, and other elements. It is popular among hunters, fishermen, and those who enjoy outdoor activities.

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Gorka 3 BARS Genuine Russian Army Military Special Forces (Spetznaz) Suit

Water resistant tent fabric

Quiet and silent material

Made in Russia



Full Description:

The mountain storm suit "Gorka-3 BARS" is designed for everyday wear in the spring or fall (referred to in Russia as the” demi-season”). The suit is made of 100% canvas (tent) fabric with overlays of mixed Greta fabric.

The use of mixed fabric in the upper layers of the shoulder area and the middle part of the hood increases the resistance of these areas to getting wet, and the absence of the shoulder seam eliminates the leakage along the seam in this area. The pocket flaps and sleeve Welt back pockets of the pants are made triangular in shape to reduce reflection of the extreme corners of the pockets.

The Gorka 3 suit combines camouflage overlays with the main tent fabric khaki (olive) and provides a breakdown of the silhouette of a man at remote distances. Jacket and pants are free cut. To obtain a better fit and to avoid "sailing" in the wind, the suit has a system of ties based on rubber-fabric tape on the sides of the jacket, on the sleeves, under the knees and at the bottom of the pants. Pants are equipped with comfortable suspenders. The bottom of the pants includes ties.


Jacket (Gorka-3)

The main material — tarpaulin (tent fabric).

Reinforced lining of blended fabrics Greta in the shoulder region.

Additional lining on the sleeves at the elbows.

Cuffs with built-in elastic bands are made of mixed fabric Greta.

Waist area includes elastic on the sides

At the bottom of the jacket there are ties.

In the forearm sewn elastic bands for tightening.

The hood is adjustable in two dimensions, the oval of the face and the adjustment of lateral vision.

Jacket includes Inside breast pocket with button.

At the bottom of the jacket two pockets with flaps on the buttons.

One Velcro pocket on each arm of the jacket.


Pants (Gorka-3)

The main material is tent fabric.

Mixed fabric pads (knees, seat and lower legs)

Button fly.

Includes a set of special braces, fastened at the sides with buttons.

Wide belt loops.

Pockets: 2 Welt pockets on the sides, 2 hip cargo pockets with flaps, 2 back pockets with buttons.

Waist and lower leg contain sewn elastic bands.

Bottoms of legs contain ties to protect against insects on the bottom of the pants.

Information on the stamp inside the product

This unit is used as the field suit for special forces HILL. OOO PP "VITYAZ", OKP 858 211, GOST 24870. Sign PCT. It is produced in Russia.

The suit meets the requirements for military field uniforms and is designed to be worn in the conditions of daily activities and combat situation reconnaissance and diversionary units.

Care Instructions:

Machine or hand wash: Delicate. Wash in warm water (max temperature 40 C) with mild detergent (powder). Rinse with a gradual decrease in water temperature.

Do not bleach.

Can optionally iron at 150-250 C.


The composition of the suit " Gorka -3" includes:



-Suspenders (when ordering suspenders are always placed in the pocket of a jacket or trousers).

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