Arctic Leopard

Arctic Leopard GORKA-4 Suit Khaki


This is the famous Gorka suit. This suit complements the range of modern storm suits of the Gorka style which are widely used in units of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian Army.

-The free-cut suit consists of a jacket-anorak and pants with suspenders.

-It is made of dense tent  x / b fabric with combined reinforcing pads made of raincoat (mixed or synthetic) fabric.

-The anorak jacket has a new type of sleeve design which provides improved “non-restrictive” ergonomics of movement in the multi-layer configuration of field clothing for the transitional autumn and spring periods.

-Main seams are made with a denim seam "in the lock" on special equipment.

-Jacket consists of elastic at the waist and wrists.

  -Pants consist of elastic at the waistband, ankles and mid shin, which ensures a better fit of the suit and the absence of "sail" in the wind.

-The yoke of the back, the central part of the hood, and the yoke of the front make up one single piece of raincoat fabric, which increases the resistance of the shoulder area to getting wet.

-Reinforcing sleeve linings are made in the form of pockets, inside which you can place "elbow pads" made of dense polyurethane (not included) for additional protection of the elbows.

-The openings of the side pockets are protected by a special strap, The hood with visor is adjustable in shape and volume.

The Gorka-4 Suit includes:

-Hooded(with visor) jacket-anorak with an inside moisture-proof document pocket
-Pants with two each; bulky "sealed" type side patch pockets, slotted back pockets,   side seam pockets
-Suspenders (found in the pocket of the jacket or pants)


Sizes/conversion chart below

Color: khaki

Moisture protection: water-repellent coating applied

Material: Canvas tent 270g, 100% cotton 

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction and fit guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia by Arctic Leopard.


Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Rafael jerry jerez
snug & durable

very comfortable BDU tbh, also looks great.
pretty happy since i can do a convincing russian army RP now :^)

Collin Wolf
High Quality Multi-Weather Suit, Bought Three!

I'd been wanting a gorka suit for a while, but never went through with the purchase until recently. I knew I wanted a quality gorka and so instead of ordering from some unknown Amazon seller I went to the best rated place I could find for gorka suits. I can certainly say I'm not disappointed! These suits work well for most weather, with layers you can wear them in harsh winter weather, and with minimal clothing underneath they're a great outdoor suit in warmer weather. Wouldn't wear in hot summer weather, but it probably wouldn't completely burn you up either.

These suits are sturdy, comfortable, and warm. I bought one for myself, and my parents became quite enamored with it so I bought one for each of them. I can definitely reccomend Russian Cold Camo's gorka suits.

Zachary Spencer

I love it, super tough. Much more "olive drab" in color than expected. Not a bad thing. Already used it for tons of activities.

William Nikkel

I'm a bit on the edge of the envelope for sizes. Ordered a 56-7 for my 6'6" self, and the pants fit PERFECTLY. I rarely find pants in my size but these fit perfectly first try. Coat is comfortable, a little short on the sleeves but not nearly enough to be an issue. Comfy, durable, and beyond stylish. 11/10

Travis george
Well made

It fits nicely, the suspenders don’t twist or feel uncomfortable at all. The pants and jacket give you full range of motion without sacrificing heat loss. Overall all around great suit from head to toe.

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