Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army Bivouac Bag


The Bivouac bag is a small, highly portable, 1 person tent. It resembles a large sleeping bag. This is the version used by the modern Russian Army. It is made in Russia by BTK group. The term "Bivouac" actually comes from French. A Bivouac shelter is a term used by survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts to describe any kind of temporary or improvised shelter. Bivouac bags derive their names from this term. The Bivouac Bag carries the following advantages over the traditional tent shelter:

1. Lighter Than Tent Shelters

2. Smaller Than Tent Shelters

3. Faster to deploy than Tent Shelters

4. Warmer than Tent shelters (Fits closer to the body)

5. More resistant to wind than tent shelters (lower silhouette, shorter poles, etc)

6. More camouflaged than tent shelters (lower profile, harder to spot)

7. Effectively hides the body in more compact terrain such as in a trench, behind a log, etc.

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