Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army Bivouac Bag EMR (Digital Flora)


The Bivouac Bag has the following advantages over the traditional tent;

- Lighter weight

-Smaller in size

- Faster to deploy

- Warmer (Fits closer to the body)

- More resistant to wind (lower silhouette, shorter poles, etc)

- More camouflaged (lower profile, harder to spot)

- Effectively hides the body in more compact terrain such as in a trench or behind a log


Color: EMR (Digital Flora)

Manufacturer: BTK group

 Made in Russia

The Bivouac bag is a small, highly portable, 1 person tent. It resembles a large sleeping bag. This is the version used by the modern Russian Army. The term "Bivouac" actually comes from the French. A Bivouac shelter is a term used by survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts to describe any kind of temporary or improvised shelter. Bivouac bags derive their names from this term.

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