Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army Bivouac Bag EMR (Digital Flora)


The Bivouac bag is an essential for camping adventures. Tents can be difficult to set up in high wind or in heavily wooded or hilly areas. Carry this lightweight , small, highly portable, 1 person tent for such times.  It resembles a large sleeping bag.

This is the version used by the modern Russian Army. The term "Bivouac" actually comes from the French. A Bivouac shelter is a term used by survivalists and outdoor enthusiasts to describe any kind of temporary or improvised shelter. 

The Bivouac Bag has the following advantages over the traditional tent;

- Lighter weight

- Smaller in size

- Faster to deploy

- Warmer (Fits closer to the body)

- More resistant to wind (lower silhouette, shorter poles, etc)

- More camouflaged (lower profile, harder to spot)

- Effectively hides the body in more compact terrain such as in a trench or behind a log


Color: EMR (Digital Flora)

Manufacturer: BTK group

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great tent

Awesome tent thats super easy to assemble. Packs up small and can be easily attached to a ruck pack. Seems nice and warm. Very low profile. Can't wait for my next camping trip.


Nice and compact « tent » very warm

Quick and Easy.

I used to have a larger tent, however I wanted something much smaller to pack on my bag.

I found I can keep my sleeping bag inside and roll everything together into the sleeping bag case.

Love it very much.

Bonus detail, there is a zippered pouch right over your face. Perfect for my glasses.

Quality materials

Easy to set up. Well made.

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