Stich Profi

Stich Profi Shotgun Stock Shell Holder For 6 Rounds (12-16 Gauge) Leather Black


Bandolier on the butt for 6 rounds (12-16 KBR.) Bandolier is made of genuine leather of two types of dressing. - Dark skin smooth "chocolate" color is used on parts bearing the main functional load, has sufficient density and stiffness, skin thickness 3-3. 5 mm. - Soft, elastic skin pleasant to the touch, tight-fitting shape of the butt is processed by special technology and textured under the old skin to withstand a given style and create a sense of old, expensive for the owner of things. Of the functional features of the bandolier should be noted ergonomic cheek protruding from the right side and sewn on the bandolier accordion for 6 rounds of 12-16 caliber. For a tight fit of the butt bandolier has a lacing that securely fixes it on the butt of the gun. On the inside, the bandolier is lined with a second layer of genuine leather, the open sections of the product are treated with a special coloring composition that protects the ends of the skin from moisture. Cartridge belt weight: 250 g.

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.


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