Russian Cold Camo

Climbing Carabiner


Vento duralumin carbines with keylock coupling
Longitudinal load, kN 25
Transverse load, kN 9
Load with open coupling, kN 9

Weight: 66g
Material: Duralumin
Longitudinal load: kN: 25
Transverse load: kN: 9
Load with open coupling: kN: 9
Length: mm: 100
Width: mm: 55
Latch type: keylock

Manufacturer: Vento
Made in Russia

It is the basic connecting element. It is used in sports (mountaineering, rock climbing) or during industrial work at height.
The HMS form carbine with a threaded coupling has a wide range of applications, is convenient for working with trigger devices, for organizing stations and polispastov. This form is best suited for use with a UIAA node.
The geometry of the carbine and the cross-section shape provide high strength characteristics, lightness of the product and wide opening of the latch.

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