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Russian Army Special forces GRU Cloak Flora


This special cloak-Cape (SPN) was delivered to the operating units of the GRU special forces and mountain units. Made of a particularly durable waterproof camouflage fabric, the seams are taped for extra water resistance.

It has three inflatable compartments directly in the compartments of the raincoat and one in the transport case. When inflated, the Cape is used as a mattress, and the inflated cover is used as a pillow. In inclement weather, it is worn on top as a raincoat, a hood is thrown over the headdress, and buttons are fastened in the front. In the neck area, it is tightened with a lace.

For ease of use, it has side slits for hands, if necessary, the slits can be closed with the help of existing "Velcro" (Velcro).

It is also used by special forces soldiers when crossing water barriers. To do this, the inflatable elements are filled with air, weapons and equipment are placed inside, and the Cape is tied to the bale with a cord through the eyelets available on it, the bale itself serves as an individual floating device .

It can be used as an individual tent-shelter from the rain and sun, for the equipment of a masked observation post. When using an additional cord as a stretch, it is used as a hammock-similar to a regular raincoat tent.

It can be very useful for hunters, hikers, and just lovers of outdoor activities.

Can be used as:
-camouflage shelter,
-waterproof bags for the crossing of the river,
-awning (dimensions 140 by 280 cm),
-multi-layer 24x50cm subfloor
-wind-blocking or
-the sun enchanting the shadow screen,
-canopy roof,
-a bucket for water,
-a tent of various installation schemes (single-pitched, double-pitched straight and oblique, etc.) and different sizes (connecting 2 or more capes, for this purpose it has grommets, loops and clevants installed along the perimeter),

Color: Flora
Manufacturer: AOZT NPF

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