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Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Layer 8 Winter Pants

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These pants are apart of the 8th and final layer of the VKPO all season clothing system, which is standard issue to the modern Russian military.  This is essentially the "pants" of modern Russian army, though it is designed to be worn with many layers underneath. It serves as both an insulation layer and a shell layer. Per regulations, it is worn with the VKPO winter cap (the modern Ushanka), VKPO winter mittens, and VKPO winter boots, and insulated winter pants in the EMR pattern. It is depicted this way in the photos. This layer is sometimes called a "Warm pant" since it is designed to be used in extremely cold weather. With the rest of the VKPO all season clothing system, the body can be warm and protected in stationary positions at -40 degrees Celsius. Choosing all eight of these layers will ensure you can survive any weather you encounter whether hunting, fishing, camping, or working in your own backyard.

Please note: This listing is only for the pants.



Ships from USA.  Satisfaction and fit guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.



Customer Reviews

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Patrick Worley
Very Warm

Very warm and easy to get on & off. They come up high on your waist, and provide great coverage. The only reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 is because they don't have a fully denim exterior, so they would likely not hold up well if you're in the woods trying to work your way through thorny patches.

Layer 8 Winter pants

Excellent quality pants, and great service as usual from Russian Cold Camo. Extremely warm, comfortable, great for skiing or camping in the snow. Perfect size.

Sean O’Neal Jr
Excellent quality and great shipping

Really love the quality and timing of shipping. The pants are exactly what I requested

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