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Russian Army Ceremonial Leather Belt White


This waist belt is designed to be worn as military equipment and is made of genuine saddlebag leather.

For the main fixation of the belt, a two-pin buckle is used. Length adjustment is performed by changing the position of the buckle on the gap with 12 pairs of holes. Holes with a diameter of 4 mm are located on a 22 cm length section with a step of 2 cm, which allows you to adjust the belt even for a small distance. The belt is equipped with a leather belt loop 1 cm wide and 13.5 cm long with an embossed edge. Belt thickness 2.8-3.0 mm.

1 size (belt length 105cm, waist size 72-95cm)
2 size (belt length 115cm, waist size 82-105cm)
3 size (belt length 125cm, waist size 92-115cm)

Belt width: 5cm.
Color: White
Material: 100% leather
Manufacturer: BTK Group
Made in Russia

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