Stich Profi

Stich Profi Western Open Cartridge Belt (12-16 Gauge) Leather Black

Open bandolier for 24 rounds from the collection of WESTERN production company STICH PROFI (Yekaterinburg) is Made of high quality genuine leather imported. Along the entire length of the bandolier, an accordion is sewn to carry 24 cartridges.(12-16 KBR) on the reverse side of the bandolier is duplicated by the second layer of skin open sections of the product are treated with a special coloring composition that protects the ends of the skin from moisture. Two logos are applied to the bandolier by hot stamping. The logo of the manufacturer is Stich Profi and the logo of the collection name is Western. The bandolier provides adjustment of the length of the belt from 1200 to 1350 mm. in Addition, part of the belt can be removed to place the bandolier at the waist from 90 cm. the weight of the product is 500 grams.

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