Russian Cold Camo

SSO Boonie Hat Standard EMR (Digital Flora)



-Water repellent          

-IR remission, camouflage in the IR spectrum 

-Includes mounts for vegetation and masking elements  

-Size adjustable with elastic cord, ranging from 56 to 61cm

 -Adjustable chin strap      

-Short fields "SAS format", does not interfere with vision   

Material: 35% cotton / 65% polyester rip-stop fabric 

Made in Russia 

The Russian Army Boonie Hats are ideal for air soft, hunting, fishing and hiking. They are designed to protect the head from UV and sun.  Hand wash in warm water.

The boonie hats in EMR Digital Flora are made in Russia by SSO/SPOSN. They are extra reinforced and and feature small holes for ventilation.


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