Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army Boonie Hat Partizan


The Russian Army Boonie Hats are ideal for airsoft, hunting, fishing, hiking, or just about any other outdoor activity. They are designed to protect the head from UV and sun. They are made in Yekaterinburg Russia, east of the Ural Mountains.



-Water repellent          

-IR remission, camouflage in the IR spectrum 

-Includes mounts for vegetation and masking elements  

-Size adjustable with elastic cord, ranging from 56 to 61cm

-Adjustable chin strap      

-Short fields "SAS format", does not interfere with vision   



Color: Partizan

Material: 35% cotton / 65% polyester rip-stop fabric

Size: One size fits most         

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction and fit guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.


Official Review

One of these hats was reviewed by a former MOS 35F US Army Intelligence Analyst. Here is a quote from the review:

"It's nicely built with attention to detail, it's camo is correct and not overly vibrant or dull, It has everything you would want from a Boonie hat. It has effective vegetation mounts including a gridlock top mount for help with camouflage and breaking the silhouette of your head. It has both chin and quick adjustment straps for fastening to your dome piece, Its fairly water repellent, made of durable ripstop material and the price is right! It does claim to be IR Remission which I don't have the capability to either prove or disprove at this time, so from my point of view the only thing you could possibly complain about is comfort. It's not an uncomfortable hat but I will say the material can feel scratchy on a bald/shaved head, especially once you factor in the heat, sweat, sand and dirt. However, this is a byproduct of its durability and tough material so if you are putting in enough work to facilitate the conditions for this discomfort its Inherent worth at that moment far outweighs the alternative of not having it."[1]



[1] "Rat Bastard Supply and Gear Reviews" Accessed 08/10/2021

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jason Madre
Fantastic hat

I’m getting to the point in my life where sun damage is starting to show up and the real fear of skin cancer creeps into my conscious often. I’m also old enough not to give a crap about style or what other people think so, since I live at the beach and spend a lot of time outdoors, I have quite a collection of sun/boonie hats. I wear them surfing, so they get pretty worn out fairly quickly.

Recently, an ad popped up on Facebook advertising Russian boonie hats. It was a company called Russian Cold Camo, of which I had never heard of, and they were advertising half price boonie hats with free shipping. I decided that I needed another sun hat, so I took a gamble and ordered one in Partizan camo, which appeared to me to be the most quintessential Russian Camo.

Surprisingly, it’s shipped from the USA and I had it in my hands within a few days, along with a sticker, which is always a bonus. I’m really impressed so far. It has a shorter brim than the typical American boonie hats, and it also has an adjustment system to help with fit. My head is generally a large in size but I buy a 7 3/4 size hat because I like my hats to be extra loose. This hat fits extra loose, but not too floppy and adjusting it to fit is extremely easy. Overall it seems very well made. I recommend both the hat and Russian Cold Camo highly.

Aaron Suever
Well made, well delivered. 10/10

Received the item extremely fast and it was exactly as advertised. Lots of loops and places to add camo or other things you wish to keep close, and the stitching and fabric are extremely rugged. I have no doubt this will last me for years of hard use.

Partizan camo boonie cap

I am very pleased with the hat and the camo pattern. I can’t wait to try it out in the woods and on the boat this summer. I had seen many reviews of Russian Cold Camo products on Endurance Room. It is nice to see them demonstrated. It gives you a Good idea of what you are getting and how they work. The shipping was fast since they are right next door in Wisconsin. I will definitely purchase from them again.

Loved it !

Great stuff ,comes very handy for outdoors .



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