Ratnik 6SH117 Patrol Backpack 25L Russian Digital


It is used both as part of the unloading system and separately. Due to its convenience, it is used not only by military personnel and law enforcement agencies, but also by outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, hunters, and rescuers.

- The volume is adjusted using cross ties - has a main compartment and two side pockets equipped with tubes. - inside the main compartment there is a water-proof pocket for documents, cards, etc.

- side pockets of the "sleeve" type are sewn to the main compartment only in the longitudinal direction, which allows you to place various long items behind them.

- the back of the satchel is rigid due to the equipment with dampers that give it the necessary rigidity, providing convenience during transportation and ventilation.The backrest design provides comfort during long transitions.

- the design of the patrol satchel assumes the possibility of attaching removable pouches: horizontal slings are located on the outer surface of the satchel.

- The bottom of the main compartment and side pockets have holes for water flow.

- The backpack straps have a chest strap with a quick-release buckle of the "fastex" type. When fitting the satchel to the shape, you can change the position of the jumper on the strap.

Specifications: Volume: 25L

Weight: 2,5 kg

Fabric material: Cordura 100D (OD), Mogotex, Baltex Cordon 500 PU

Dimensions: 38х35х20cm.

Color: EMR (Russian Digital)

Made in Russia

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