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Russian Army Adrianov Hand Compass

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The hadrianov army compass is the oldest type of compass, invented in the last century, during the existence of the Soviet Union. Convenient and easy to use. Designed for orientation on terrain hunters. fishermen, campers, hikers, and tourists.

The compass is attached to the wrist with a leather strap. The compass is made of a metal case in the center of which, on the needle, there is a magnetic phosphorescent arrow. When the device is in operation, the arrow is always in the North-South position. In working condition it is fixed with a detent (with brakes). Inside the case is a limb (circular scale) with double digitization, which is divided into 120 divisions. The reading of one division is 3 degrees, or 50 divisions of the angle finder (0-50). External digitization is applied counterclockwise, through 5 large divisions of the angle finder (10 divisions of the scale). The internal digitization of the limb is plotted clockwise, from 0 to 360 degrees every 15 degrees (5 scale divisions). For sighting landmarks and taking readings on the scale of the device, a sighting device (sight and front sight) and a calculation indicator are installed on the rotating compass ring.

Material: Metal

Color: Silver

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.


Customer Reviews

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Joshua Andrews
Adrianov compass

Great product only complaint is I wish I realize that I could choose a color.

William Russell
Great little compass

Great compass, very handy !

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