Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army FSB Backpack Raid 60L Jagged Flora


-Drawstring top closure

-Padded adjustable shoulder straps

-Padded waist belt with adjustable buckle closure and small zipper compartment

-Top flap compartment with bottom zipper pocket

-Vertical long side pockets with drawstring and buckle closures

-Internal metal frame



Volume: 60 L

Weight: 2.7kg

Material: light weight water resistant

Made in Russia


The Russian Army FSB backpack is ideal for multi day trips.  This large backpack is ideal for hiking, camping or hunting. Designed for the FSB, which was known as the infamous KGB during the cold war. This "Jagged Flora" camo pattern is similar to the Flora camo pattern but has more uneven edges, yielding a more aggressive appearance.

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