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Russian Army Insulated Mummy Bag EMR (Digital Flora)

$85 $169.99

This nsulated "Mummy" bag is the most frequently issued sleeping bag in the Russian Army. It is very soft, lightweight, and compact. It is referred to as a "mummy" bag since the bag encloses the head and has a circular opening for the face. This provides extra heat retention over traditional sleeping bags. This sleeping bag is engineered to retain heat without creating a greenhouse effect. The sleeping bag is made of waterproof dense fabric with thinsulate insulation and includes a removable bed sheet. It is comfortable to sleep in both summer and winter (at temperatures up to -20 degrees).

Color: EMR (Digital Flora)

Dimensions when stored: 42x25x25cm


  • Waterproof dense fabric
  • Thinsulate insulation
  • 100% cotton bed sheet included
  • Very soft, lightweight, and compact

Manufacturer: BTK Group

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.

82 inches long 
28 inches wide (zipped) 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Sleeping bag is perfect, packs up nicely, easy to clean, carry, and use, great purchase and well worth it! Quality is amazing!

Rafe Saarinen

This product came on time!! ITS DURABLE AND WORTH THE PRICE! Buy this!!!

Comfortable, Quality, and Compact!

I received the first gen Ratnik mummy bag, the version with 4 compression straps. It packs down very tight and is surprisingly simple to stuff and unpack. I've slept in it overnight once already, and not only was it comfortable, but it was WARM! It zips all the way up and was able to fit me (5'10") without any issues. I have a 6B38 Ratnik bag, (the one without the dedicated sleeping bag compartment) and turned sideways it fit snugly at the bottom of the pack WITHOUT being difficult to remove. Overall, I am very pleased.

Do note, there is no internal zipper - this makes leaving the bag when it is fully zipped a little awkward, to say the least - but it does its job, and does it well.

Solid buy.

Scott Cloutier

Seems to be a nice bag, ready to get out and try it.

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