Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army L1 Protective Suit



-Pullover with neckline strap for secure closure

-Elastic waist with crotch strap for secure fit  

-Elastic wrists with hand strap for secure fit inside glove (included)


-Pants and boots are one piece with attached suspenders

- Straps at the knees and ankles for secure fit

-Designed for ease of movement


Material: Rubberized with a shelf life of 10-15 years

Weight: 3.3 kg     

Made in Russia

The L-1 suit can be used in wet environments or for fishing. The reusable suit may protect the skin from harmful substances. The L-1 suit may be suitable for working with chemicals, in unfavorable environments with radiation, or with dangerous chemicals.  The L-1 suit can be worn when disinfecting and cleaning the air or eliminating radioactive particles. The efficiency of the product is the same in indoor and outdoor environments.

Product Disclaimer:  This product has not been tested for reliability in regards to protection against harmful substances, dangerous chemicals, radiation or radioactive particles.  Use at own risk.

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