Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army Maskhalat (Masking Suit) in EMR

$60 $119.99

This is a "masking suit". It is a two piece, loose, lightweight, camo covering in the EMR pattern. It can be worn over lightweight clothing in the summer to achieve full body covering while staying cool. Alternatively, it can be worn over civilian winter style clothing in the winter to achieve full body camo. This specific covering is very popular with Russian border guards.



Camo Covering

Made in Russia

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Masking Suit. Digi Flora


The draw string plastic fastners came off of the jacket with minimal force. Ie, I pulled them gently and they slid right off. If you're not running QA/QC on these you might want to start. It would take all of 1 second after applying them to the garmet to give them a slight tug and you'd see that they're not secured.

The fit is a little tight as well. Im a retired paratrooper so im used to wearing issued gear. Im 5'9 and a half and 155 pounds and in shape. Im not built like a brick wall by any means. More of a runners physique. Back to my point; a masking suit is meant to be worn over other garments, in order to do so I ordered a large and it was still tight fitting over a shirt and jeans. No way would it be comfortable to wear the pants over anything other than running shorts or thermals. The jacket can get by with light clothing beneath.

I once heard the phrase, "Alaska fit or Seattle fit?" When an outdoorsman asked a company how their "outdoor" gear was sized. Ie: am I buying something that is functional or something to look fashionable.

This is Seattle fit stuff.

If I was paying 30 bucks for this suit I'd expect what I paid for. However I paid over 100 for what could essentially be called half assed work when it comes to sizing and the small details. As I make clothing goods myself, I would be embarrassed to send out something like that with my name on it. But hey that is just me.

All in all great concept, def needed in the market just poorly executed. The manufacturers could do better.


Good material a bit small but no biggie buy it if you like this type of stuff

Adam Hussain
Good Camo suit

Nice suit fits large over my thick jacket, only thing is plastic tabs on drawstring isnt the toughest but not huge issue suit itself very quility

Gary Tarver
Love it

It's a bit small but I bought to use with some underwear and a teleynashka so not a problem I can kick punch bend down run it's worth every dollar and it's emr so 10/10 this was my first purchase and love this company already.

Patrick Ressl

The pants fit perfectly but the top is a bit too big. But this could also be due to my weird body shape. Otherwise I'm satisfied with the product

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