Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army Maskhalat (Masking Suit) in EMR


This is a "masking suit". It is a two piece, loose, lightweight, camo covering in the EMR pattern. It can be worn over lightweight clothing in the summer to achieve full body covering while staying cool. Alternatively, it can be worn over civilian winter style clothing in the winter to achieve full body camo. This specific covering is very popular with Russian border guards.



Camo Covering

Made in Russia

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Richard F
Great Quality

This is a great high quality lightweight suit. The material is much stronger than I imagined, and breathable. The stitching is strong and should last for many years. It comes with a zipper and two pockets on the jacket. The suits can easily be rolled up tightly and packed into a bug-out bag. I love the EMR camo pattern and will do well in a wooded environment.

Surprisingly solid/durable

I didn't have huge expectations for such an inexpensive suit, but this has been great. Nice and light for summer use.

Brandon Lee
EMR Suit

Great digital camo suit. Lightweight, so packs up small in haversack. Quick shipping too!

D. Lewis

The Russians did a great job on this design. It's EXTREMELY lightweight but at the same time durable. It's not ripstop though. The fabric is akin to something like handkerchief fabric. It's so convenient and meant to merely provide a full body camo suit that you wear over your clothes. You could also just wear underwear and t-shirt under it. There are front pockets on the pants and top. Imagine something as light and comfortable as hospital scrubs, but full arm length, with a hood, and has elastic on the wrist cuffs/waist/ankle. I'm a US vet and we have nothing like this. I wish we did. I wish they would produce these in other patterns too. I was able to compress the entire suit down into a bag the size of a water bottle!

James Oswald
Maskhalat Suit (Army)

This is very high quality, well made and fits nicely.
I will being trying it out in a few weeks when moose season opens.
Russian Cold Camo shipped it here (Alaska) in less then four days, very impressive.
I will be doing further business with them.

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