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Russian Army PK-PCS-30 Backpack 30L Russian Digital


The inscription on the pack reads "RDR SPN" which is an acronym for a phrase which translates as "The Reconnaissance-Commando Company, Special Purpose"

This is an unused 30 liter backpack which was issued to this specific Russian military special forces company

Inside the main compartment there is a volume pocket for placing a flask of drinking water and other items of similar dimensions (laptop, etc.). Inside the second compartment there is a pocket-"organizer" for documents, maps, tools, writing materials, etc.on the outer surface of this compartment there is a flat pocket for placing various small-sized items of equipment.

All compartments of the satchel are closed with zippers, closed with splash-proof strips.

On the outer surface of the satchel there are horizontal slings designed to fix removable pouches equipped with a modular fastening system.

The back is molded from foam, with a firmware that eliminates the migration of foam.

Under the carrying handle, there is an outlet for the Hydrator hose/wires, covered by a flap that closes with Velcro.

In the main compartment, there is a pocket for the Hydrator with a Y-shaped tie, adjustable by the fastex.

To regulate the volume and secure long items on the outer surface, the satchel is equipped with four side ties with quick-release buckles of the "fastex" type.

In the bottom part of the main compartment and side pockets there are holes for water flow.

It can be used as part of the UMTBS transport and unloading system, or independently, as part of various sets of individual combat equipment.



Volume: 30L

Weight: 1,5 kg

Fabric material: Baltex with a density of 1000Den

Sling material: 100% polyester

Dimensions: 50x40x22cm.


Color: EMR (Russian Digital)

Manufacturer: Techincom

Made in Russia

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