Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army PK-PCS-30 Backpack 30L EMR (Digital Flora)

$95 $189.99

-Zipper closures with protective flaps

-Outside compartment for smaller items

-Inside compartment will fit a small laptop or other similar items

- Second inside compartment has a pocket-"organizer" for documents, maps, tools, writing materials, etc.


Volume: 30L

Weight: 1,5 kg

Fabric material: Baltex with a density of 1000Den

Sling material: 100% polyester

Dimensions: 50x40x22cm.


Color: EMR (Russian Digital)

Manufacturer: Techincom

Made in Russia


The inscription on the pack reads "RDR SPN" which is an acronym for a phrase which translates as "The Reconnaissance-Commando Company, Special Purpose". This backpack was issued to this specific Russian military special forces company.  It can be used  independently, with a chest rig or with a modular system. The outer surface of the backpack has horizontal slings designed to attach removable pouches equipped with a modular fastening system. It also has four side straps with quick-release buckles for securing longer items. This backpack could accommodate a water bladder.

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Gary Tarver
Best pack ever

Best backpack I have ever owned nice thick and wide straps and nice back padding too

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