Russian Army Ratnik GSSH-01 6M2-1 Active Headphones with Headset


This version of the GSSH01 6M2 Active Headphones includes a microphone. This version is capable of receiving and playing radio transmissions through an additional separate radio device such as the Azart R-168 or Azart R-169.

The GSSH-01 6 M2 headphones are designed for listening to the environment with microphone amplifiers turned on, cutting off loud sounds (such as a shot or explosion).

- Limits and blocks the noise signal greater than 115 dB
-Operating range of the headset in frequencies from 300 Hz to 7000 Hz
- Headset current consumption is not more than 80 mA
-Continuous operation time from the AA power supply is at least 24 hours
- Guaranteed service life of at least 5000 hours.

Weight: 0.3 kg.

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction and fit guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.

How to Use With US and European Radio Sets:

The GSSH-01 6M2-1 Active Headphones and Headset has a built in connector which is made to connect to something called the AZART radio network, which is a Russian military frequency.

Bad News: The connector doesn't fit any western radios out of the box. AZART radios also are illegal to use in western countries.

Good News: The headset can be modified to fit almost any legal civilian radio fairly easily and cheaply.

An adapter commonly used for this is the following:

These are sold with connectors for icom radios, kenwood radios, midland radios, mobile phones, etc. It allows you to connect to almost any legal US civilian radio.

The key is to:
1. Pick a radio
2. Connect the adapter to the civilian radio
3. Cut the end connector off of the GSSH-01 6M2-1 Active Headphones and cut off the headset connecting end of the adapter.
4. Solder the wire coming from the GSSH-01 6M2-1 Active Headphones to the wire coming from the adapter.

That's it! you should now have a fully functioning GSSH-01 6M2-1 Active Headphone set that works with US civilian handheld radios.

Here are some links to current US radios that are farily well reviewed:


In our opinion, the Motorola Talkabouts are fairly low cost. Midlands tend to be a pit more expensive but higher quality. These are made for the civilian market (but a FCC personal use license is required if using the gprs setting on high power mode).
Note: If not in the US, the rules about radios will be different. Please use a radio that is legal in your country.

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