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Russian Army Special Forces FSB BCC 7×18 Binoculars (With Cover Flora)

Binoculars prismatic BCC 7X18 has a unique optical system for observing remote objects, wildlife, sports competitions and other mass spectacles in the daytime in open areas, stadiums and large indoor areas. The binoculars have a Central focusing mechanism. Using the range-measuring scale located in the right eyepiece, you can determine the distance to the object of observation. The optical surfaces of the binoculars are coated with an anti-reflection coating, which guarantees a clear, bright image.

Technical parameters
Visible magnification, multiple: 7±0.35
Angular field of view, angular degree: 6±0.3
Resolution limit in the center of the field of view, angle C: 12
The range of the diopter setting of the eyepieces, diopter: -3... +3
Exit pupil diameter, mm: 2.6+0.1
The removal of exit pupil, mm: 9+0,9
Operating temperature: from -40С to +40С

Dimensions: 97х73х28mm.
Weight: 210gr.
Made in Russia

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