Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army Special Purpose Units Raid Backpack 60+20L EMR Digital Flora

Backpack for military special forces units. Included in the set of special equipment for mountain shooters. Description and characteristics: It is an improved version of the army backpack "Bergen". The backpack is designed to carry the property of the third tier of equipment - additional ammunition, bivouac equipment, sleeping bag, warm uniforms and change of underwear, food, surveillance and reconnaissance devices. Removable side pockets with a capacity of 10 liters each, attached to the backpack with detachable zippers and equipped with shoulder straps. Zippers connect the pockets to each other and are used as an assault pack with a capacity of 20 liters. The detachable valve can be used separately as a cracker (you need to remove the capes). The use of separate tubes and an upper pocket as a cracker or a one-day satchel adds versatility and functionality to the backpack. The main capacity backpack with top entry, closed with extra fabric tube made from polyester with tightening cord with stoppers and lower entrance for the sleeping bag, fastened with a zipper and quick-release locks, is divided into two parts by a removable partition to delimit the scope of the General branch and quickly extract the contents of the lower level via lock zipper, accordance with the principle of separation during the preparation of the equipment groups SPN. The backpack provides optimal weight distribution over the human body due to a wide range of adjustments to the shoulder straps and waist girth. Thick, soft, moderately elastic filling of shoulder straps and waist girth makes the load on the shoulders and lower back comfortable, will not allow you to RUB the body. The backpack allows you to comfortably carry a load of heavy weight on your back for a long time and has adjustment points for attaching shoulder straps in height, length, side ties that allow you to hang additional equipment or pull the backpack to a smaller size as the load decreases. In the lower part of the front wall of the backpack, two loops are sewn for attaching an ice axe and ski poles. Personal hygiene items and a waterproof, camouflage cover are placed in the flap of the backpack, divided into 2 compartments with a zipper. The right shoulder strap is equipped with a self-release buckle for rapid removal of the backpack. The developed belt is removable, with Velcro (Velcro). The backpack is equipped with an internal removable frame of two aluminum plates in strong, thick slings with Velcro (Velcro). On the outer surface of the backpack and the upper flap are placed elements of the "MOLLE" system for attaching and carrying additional equipment (cases, pouches and holsters). Tractor (krupnozubchatye) zippers, large locks (slider 22 mm) with large grabs and an additional ribbon grab with a plastic lock-limiter 15 mm allow you to conveniently use the backpack in gloves. The ability to use the backpack as a bulky tactical bag, if you disconnect the pockets, flap, waist girth and shoulder straps, on the top there is a handle-loop for carrying. The ability to hang additional equipment on the bag and attach various items of equipment remains. In the lower part of the sides of the main compartment there are pockets, in the absence of (disconnected) side pockets, they can be used for carrying, for example, a bottle with a capacity of up to 2.25 liters or a stop for weapons with additional fastening using side slings with three slotted buckles. It has proven itself as a convenient functional and literage, very versatile (layout and literage for different tasks) backpack for hunting, fishing, travel, tourism, mountaineering. Specifications: Volume: 60 (main) + 20 (tubes and pockets) liters. Weight: 2,5 kg Load capacity: up to 40 kg. Fabric material: main-synthetic polyester fabric 900d with PU coating, auxiliary-synthetic woven fabric 100% Nylon (slings) accessories - metal 100% steel with a protective coating. Sling material: Dimensions: 68х34х19cm, height of removable pocket 400 mm, width of removable pocket 120 mm. Color: EMR (Russian Digital) Manufacturer: Voentorg JSC Made in Russia

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