Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army Special Purpose Units Raid Backpack 60+20L EMR (Digital Flora)


Backpack used for military special forces units. Included in the set of special equipment for mountain operators. It is an improved version of the army backpack "Bergen". The backpack is designed to carry the property of the third tier of equipment - additional ammunition, bivouac equipment, sleeping bag, warm uniforms, change of underwear, food, surveillance and reconnaissance devices. The backpack provides optimal weight distribution due to a wide range of adjustments to the shoulder straps and waist girth. Thick, soft, moderately elastic filling of shoulder straps and waist girth makes the load on the shoulders and lower back comfortable. The backpack allows you to comfortably carry a load of heavy weight on your back for longer periods of time. There are 2 removable side pockets with a capacity of 10 liters each, attached to the backpack with detachable zippers and equipped with shoulder straps.  Ideal for hikers, hunters, fishermen and camping.

-Used by Russian Special Forces

-Superior quality over standard issued backpacks (standard issue 6SH118)

- Top entry with 2 draw string closures

 - Lower access for the sleeping bag with a zipper and quick-release lock closure

-Main compartment is divided into two parts by a removable partition

- Detachable top flap with buckle closures and 2 compartments with zipper closures

-Removable side pockets with a capacity of 10 liters each

- The outer surface of the backpack and the upper flap have elements of the "MOLLE" system for   attaching and carrying additional equipment (cases, pouches and holsters)

-Snow camouflage cover included


Volume: 60 (main) + 20 (tubes and pockets) liters

Internal Depth Including Top: 39 inches

Internal Depth Not Including Top: 27 inches

Weight: 2.5 kg

Load capacity: up to 40 kg

Back pack material: Main-synthetic polyester fabric 900d with PU coating, Auxiliary-synthetic woven fabric 100% Nylon,  Removable metal frame - 100% steel with a protective coating.

Sling material: Dimensions: 68х34х19cm, height of removable pocket 400 mm, width of removable pocket 120 mm.

Color: EMR (Russian Digital)

Manufacturer: Voentorg JSC

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.




Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Aaron Suever
Amazing pack, neat features.

Absolutely love this pack. Took it out for a long range recon hike with all my kit for the weekend and my SMERSH and had no real issues. I can see how the metal buckles might be a problem, but they weren't at all for me.

Only warning I have is if you overstuff the side pouches they can pull off and then it's a bitch to get it unzipped and rezipped again and you risk damaging the zipper.

Jeff Hanauer
Russian Raid Pack Issues.

The waist system is the best I have ever used. The chest straps are worst design ever. The metal hardware for chest straps are barely protected by padding that is minimal from the start. The metal pieces dig into skin and pectoral muscles hard like making this non usable pack. I have made every adjustment possible to fix the problem with no success. The rest of the pack is good ratings. I am open to suggestions. General overview is I like the pack.

Jonathan Jensen
Love it

Haven't taken it on any long hikes yet, but am looking forward to it. Very nice feeling when on my back and very simple adjusting system in my eyes.

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