Russian Army Sneakers


Army sneakers (sports shoes) for physical education and sports, issued in the Armed forces of the Russian Federation Light, water-repellent impregnation. Malomeryat on offers half the size. Suitable for everyday wear. Sole with shock absorber Sneakers are very strong and comfortable. Perfect for both military and tourists, as well as for wearing in urban conditions for a girl or teenager, a guy or a man. Stylish and modern shoes for outdoor activities, on rough terrain, in the mountains or the steppe. Three-layer sole with side stabilization system and arch support made of hard plastic. The elastic foam layer is a cushioning system under the heel. The bottom layer is made of black hard rubber with a tread. Tread powerful spikes-ground hooks, and the spikes are large and flat, due to which the sole is able to self-clean. In sneakers, climbing a rope is provided, for which there are areas on the outer and inner Welt covered with rubber with small spikes, for better grip. The sole of the front comes on the toe, so you can jump on the wall, fence and other boards on the obstacle course. The heel and toe are covered with a dense synthetic material. The material of the sneaker is a dense fabric somewhat similar to Cordura. The leg is held tight, but not too tight.

Manufacturer: Voentorg

Made in Russia

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