SSO Backpack ATAKA 2 60L A-TACS FG


This is the SSO Backpack ATAKA 2 60L in A-TACS FG


• Volume of 60 liters
• Removable loops for a travel mat (sold separately) are located on the flap or bottom of the backpack
• Main container with drawable tube
• One pocket on the front side of the backpack
• Two pockets formed by the walls of the main container and side pockets, as well as an upper flap with a zippered pocket
• Between the main capacity of the backpack and the front pocket there is a special pocket for attaching a small sapper shovel
• The inner side of the main container has a special pocket for a folding Mat
• Special pockets-slots for inserting two duralumin plates-armor, forming a rigid frame of the backpack
• The main tank is divided into two parts by a removable, adjustable partition
• The bottom flap of the backpack fastens with a two-way zipper covered with a strap
• Special soft pillows on the back and lower back form a gap that promotes air circulation between the back and the backpack
• The ability to reset the backpack almost instantly is provided by two metal locks
• External pockets are equipped with dust-proof flaps, fastened with belts with quick-release locks.


Ships from USA.  Satisfaction guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia

Customer Reviews

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james hayden
100% Satisfied !

The Pack is Far above all the Other Military Backpacks I Currently own and have used in the past. I don't have it fully loaded yet but what Weight I do have in my Test Runs already has Determined that the ATAKA is now my Go To Pack. It Lives up to the Description and I've no doubt that I'll have Long Service out of it. Thanks Again Russian Cold Camo.

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