SSO Backpack ATAKA 2 60L Multicam


• Volume of 60 liters
• Removable loops for a travel mat (sold separately) are located on the flap or bottom of the backpack
• Main container with drawable tube
• One pocket on the front side of the backpack
• Two pockets formed by the walls of the main container and side pockets, as well as an upper flap with a zippered pocket
• Between the main capacity of the backpack and the front pocket there is a special pocket for attaching a small sapper shovel
• The inner side of the main container has a special pocket for a folding Mat
• Special pockets-slots for inserting two duralumin plates-armor, forming a rigid frame of the backpack
• The main tank is divided into two parts by a removable, adjustable partition
• The bottom flap of the backpack fastens with a two-way zipper covered with a strap
• Special soft pillows on the back and lower back form a gap that promotes air circulation between the back and the backpack
• The ability to reset the backpack almost instantly is provided by two metal locks
• External pockets are equipped with dust-proof flaps, fastened with belts with quick-release locks.

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.

Customer Reviews

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Jimmy L.
Rucking it eastern block!

This is a very well thought out general issue bag that will serve it user well in warm or spring /fall climates. The bag is just a small for winter.

As a basic military ruck it resembles the older school ALICE and North Island Bergen's. There is a noticeable lack of molle webbing but I don't see that as a draw back as long as you know about it.

The only thing I'm having a problem with is that I seem unable to adjust the webbing anywhere on the bag without a lot of effort.
This can make adjusting the shoulder straps a major issue.
I'm hopeful that this is just a new pack issue and it will smooth out with use.

As is I would give this pack a solid 👍 as a true 3 day patrol ruck.

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