SSO Gorka E Suit Summer


For training, a durable and functional suit is necessary. The suit should be breathable, water-resistant, comfortable and durable, but at an affordable price. This combination of everything is a rarity.

The GORKA E has long been popular in the special forces of the interior Ministry, GRU, and FSB (Formerly KGB). The suit is made of tarpaulin using twisted threads, which ensures its wind protection and impermeability under rain, high strength, and affordable price. The suit has many pockets, and the straps of the trousers will provide high comfort. Due to its combat past, the suit has become widely known all over the world. This is what Russian soldiers frequently wear in video games (Battlefield, Call of Duty, Rainbow Six, and others) and movies.


• Increased wear resistance

• Extended jacket

• 3 pockets on the jacket

• The bottom of the jacket is adjustable in volume

• The waist of the jacket is adjustable in volume

• Six pockets on the jacket

Composition: 100% cotton, mixed camouflage pads


Ships from USA.  Satisfaction and fit guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.

Customer Reviews

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Dave H
The perfect outdoor suit!

I have and own 2, soon to be 3 gorka suits. My favorite is my SSO gorka-E. I did not buy SSO groka from RCC (didn't know about them at the time), but I have used mine extensively and thought I should weigh in.

The overall quality and durability of the suit has been phenomenal and extremely comfortable since day 1. I wore mine over the 2020 deer season. The fabric is strong, durable and while listed as a summer suit, they are more of an all season suit. With the proper layers under it, I was never cold and in one instance had to stop and strip a few insulating layers off!

The features of the suit are great! The button closures on the pockets are extremely solid and easy to use with gloved as well as non-gloved hands. The pockets are nice an large and hold more than I usually carry lol. It is a true wind proof suit and with that I reccomend buttoning it all the way up on a very windy day, as the wind go down your open collar.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this suit for anyone that likes to be outdoors, hunts or just plain likes solid gear!

Daniel Stewart
Good gear

This is one purchase I don't regret. Excellent summer weight gear for the price, good for high wind and wet conditions

Really good Gorka

I bought this gorka for a Kapkan impression and so far, I really like it. It is really comfortable and is the same camouflage pattern that I needed for the impression. Compared to others that I looked at, this gorka’s price was about the same. However, I got free shipping and discounts, which made this gorka significantly cheaper than all the others I was looking at. There is only one problem I found with this and it is relatively easy to fix. The pants run a little large, but is easily fixed with a belt. They are not too big for them to not fit but they do not feel very snug. But overall, I am happy with this.

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