SSO Lynx Fleece Jacket in Black


The product is intended for civilian users (hunters, tourists, active citizens), as well as for military personnel, emergency and special services, etc.  
The product "Lynx" is a popular type of clothing today. This is a warm, soft and functional jacket made of modern Polar fabric. This jacket can be used as an independent type of warm clothing, or as a warming layer, dressed under various modern membrane jackets.
The properties of Polar fabric are widely known – it is not blown by the wind, does not prevent the removal of moisture from the body, keeps the rain for a long time, warms even when wet, dries quickly and has good mechanical strength. The jacket is a slightly fitted swing parka with a zipper. The high collar of the jacket goes into the hood, which has a visor and a joint with the collar of elastic rubberized cord. With the same cord, the jacket, if necessary, is tightened along its lower section. All tie cords have solid plastic tips and movable plastic retainers. The jacket, including pockets and flaps, is equipped with durable polyamide YKK or similar zippers (Arta-F). Two inset chest pockets (300x130 mm) have side vertical entrances with zippers. The right one has an internal split valve for removing headphones or a phone headset. In the lower back, in the area of the lower back, there is a functional through pocket (170x210 mm) with two (right and left) vertical entrances with a zipper. Both entrances to the pocket are located in such a way that they are easily reached by the appropriate hand. In the upper part of each of the sleeves there is a flat patch pocket (200x130 mm) of the "military" type, with a vertical entrance with a zipper. The outer sides of these pockets are equipped with pads with a counter part of the fastenings-Velcro for placing stripes and identification marks. In the lower part of the left sleeve, above the cuff, there is another small pocket (200x120 mm) with a vertical zipper. At the base of each of the sleeves, in the underarm part, there are large (230 mm) ventilation valves that can be closed with zippers. Both sleeves, on the reverse side, from the elbows to the cuffs, are protected from abrasion by pads made of durable synthetic fabric. The cuffs of the jacket are adjustable and fastened with tight rubberized fasteners. All connections and structural elements of the jacket are sewn with high-quality straight seams with overlock, and the edges of the zippers are reinforced with strong fasteners.

Material: Polar
Color: Black

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction and fit guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.


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