SSO Suit Partizan M SS Autumn


The set includes a loose coat with a hood and trousers that perfectly distort the silhouette, as well as a carrying case. This cut, combined with camouflage colors, provides a high level of effective camouflage in the field. The suit is double-sided, so just turning it inside out and the pockets inside out you get an alternative color. The suit is made of dense and windproof fabric specifically for use in the mountains and bad weather conditions.

The mask is very durable and comfortable, has Canadian buttons, braces on the figure, as well as belt loops for attaching additional camouflage elements. The knees, the back of the trousers and the elbow area are reinforced with an additional layer of fabric for greater reliability and comfort. The cut matches the regular Partisan suit, but this version has more pockets. The fabric's density and color make it more suitable for autumn and spring, and the fabric itself is also invisible in the IR range.
Loose cut appearance provides convenience and invisibility

• Protects against cold wind in bad weather
• Fully two-sided
• Has 10 pockets
• Does not light up in PNV

Color: SS Autumn
Composition: 65% polyester, 35% viscose

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