bAPC Sumrak-M1


The jacket has a straight cut with a stitched hood consisting of several parts, with side inserts made of knitted fabric (mesh). The hood is perfectly adjustable with a drawstring. The main clasp of the jacket is on buttons, which are fastened with a strong braid. There are booster pads in the elbow area. In the lower part of the sleeve window, on the back side, there are ventilation inserts made of knitted fabric (mesh).

The belt of trousers is stitched with six belt loops under the belt, with hinged loops for fastening suspenders. The volume of the belt is adjusted using an elastic band in the side sections.

The Twilight suit is perfect for fishermen, airsoft players, military, hunters and tourists.

Available in colors: A-TACS, MULTICAM

Composition: 65% polyester, 35% viscose

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