Russian Army Ratnik 6SH117 Complete Chest Rig Kit With Backpack

The 6SH117 Chest Rig Kit is a part of the Ratnik gear and is the standard issued chest rig kit of the modern Russian Army. Russian military units wear this on top of VKPO. It is ideal for hunting, hiking and airsoft. It can be used in various climates, conditions and geographical zones. The vest base plates are made of synthetic power mesh to reduce the likelihood of overheating and improve air exchange. Chest plates have internal pockets for placing documents, maps, and other items.


The 6SH117 Chest Rig Kit is issued in many different configurations based on the role of the wearer. This variant is called the "Senior Rifleman" and is typically issued to sergeants, corporals, and other NCO's in a rifleman combat role. Combat troops also frequently add additional pouches based on personal preference.

The "Senior Rifleman" variant includes all of the following:

-One vest base of type  6SH117

-One 25 Liter Patrol Backpack  with a pouch for a small infantry shovel (shovel sold separately)

-One 7 Liter "Butt" Pack

-Two pouches for AK74 Magazines. Each pouch holds two magazines.

-One pouch for a radio, flares, or other signalling equipment

-One pouch for a bayonet knife

-One pouch for a flask

-Four hand grenade pouches. Each pouch can hold one grenade.

-Two pouches for VOG-25 or VOG 25P grenade launcher grenades. Each pouch can hold five grenade launcher rounds.

-Two universal pouches

And room for plenty more pouches, a bulletproof vest, and a sidearm holster.


Color: EMR (Russian Digital)

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction and fit guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.

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