Russian Army Ratnik 6SH117 Transport Vest With Patrol Backpack 25L EMR (Digital Flora)


The complete Transport Vest 6SH117 includes:

  • 1 vest base 6SH117
  • 1 Small Combat Backpack, volume 7L
  • 1 Day Backpack, volume 25L
  • 2 Pouches which each hold 2, AK74 magazines
  • 1 ROP  pouch
  • 1 Bayonet knife pouch
  • 2 Pouches which each hold five GP25 (VOG-25) grenades
  • 4 RGD/RGN hand grenade pouches
  • 2 Universal magazine pouches
  • 1 Pouch for a flask
  • 1 Pouch for a small infantry shovel

Color: EMR (Russian Digital)

Made in Russia

6SH117 Ratnik combat transport vest is part of the standard Ratnik gear of the modern Russian Military Army. This is the standard issued chest rig of the modern Russian Army. It is ideal for hunting, hiking and airsoft. It can be used in various climates, conditions and geographical zones. The vest base plates are made of synthetic power mesh to reduce the likelihood of overheating and improve air exchange. Chest plates have internal pockets for placing documents, maps, and other items.

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