Stich Profi

Stich Profi Taiga Universal Cartridge Belt Brown

Universal bandolier for 24 rounds from the collection of TAIGA production company STICH PROFI (Yekaterinburg) is made of high quality genuine leather imported. Bandolier has 4 closed valves removable pouch, protecting cartridges from external influences and precipitation. Bandolier is equipped with pouches for 12-16 caliber. The valves are made of genuine leather and the inside is duplicated by a second layer of leather. The inner part of the bandolier in the place of increased friction is duplicated by wear-resistant Cordura material, which increases the service life of the product. Pouches are dressed on a belt made of genuine leather, adjustable in length. Reliable fixation of the valves is carried out with the help of a strap and a metal pucker. In the production of bandolier used Italian fittings.

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