Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Layer 6 Water Proof and Wind Proof Suit EMR (Digital Flora)


This is the 6th layer of the VKPO all season 8 layer clothing system, which is standard issue to the modern Russian military. This layer is waterproof and windproof.  It is a shell layer used in heavy rain or snow, when preventing water from entering the suit is deemed more important than sweat evaporation from the body. Since this is waterproof instead of water resistant, it is not highly breathable. All zippers are covered with a membrane flab to increase water resistance at the point of the zipper.

Note: The material is waterproof but it does not seal around the entire body like a wet suit and therefore does not prevent water from getting through creases such as where the pants meet the boots, the waistline, and the ends of the sleeves. Therefore, if the user intends to wade through a river or remain dry while submerged, we recommend a one-piece wet suit.

We recommend testing the suit by blasting a water hose on it with a dry piece of clothing underneath. The clothing should remain dry and water should not seep through the grey-silver inner membrane.

Choose your layers carefully and you can survive any weather you encounter whether hunting, fishing, camping, or working in your own backyard. 

Set includes jacket and pants


-Zipper with Velcro closure flap

-Drawstring (front and back) hood with visor

-Elastic and Velcro at the wrists

-Bottom drawstring

-2 front breast(28 cm long) openings with zipper closure


-Drawstring waist

-Snap closure with zipper fly

-7 belt loops, fits 5cm belt

-2 side slant openings with Velcro closure

-2 upper thigh openings with zipper closure and flap

-Side leg zipper with Velcro flap closure

-Elastic and Velcro and the ankles

**The suit does not have pockets. Instead, where the pockets would normally be located, the zippers allow access to the pockets of under layers. This allows the wearer to easily remove and add this layer without having to move their items from one layer to the next.

Composition: 100% polyamide, wind - waterproof membrane

Water resistance: 10,000 mm's

Water vapor permeability: 22000 g/m2/24h

Product weight: 834 g

Color: EMR (Digital Flora)

Manufacturer: BTK Group

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction and fit guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michael kazan
Great service

I’m very happy with the order I received I personally appreciate the Camo pattern and that’s what drove me to get this in a form of a rain jacket and pants

Michael McCarty
Let it rain!

I am really liking this Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Layer 6 Water Proof and Wind Proof EMR (Digital Flora) Suit! It is VERY light weight and quite cool looking. As to it's ability of being rain proof, I ran the sleeve under running water and the water just ran off like water on a ducks back. I think this layer would work great in various combinations with layers 3, 4, 5, and 7. About wearing with layer 8, I wasn't going to include it in the mixture thinking wearing Layer 6 - Water Proof and Wind Proof on the outside of layer 8 it would be too tight. Well, I was 50% correct. All my clothing I have ordered are size 48-3, the 6th layer jacket fits over the winter layer 8 without being too tight, as a matter of fact, it is quite a good fit with plenty of room for non-restrictive movement, the only downside being that jacket is shorter than the winter jacket. But, this can be remedied by tightening the bottom of the hem and tuck it inside of 6. Now for wearing the pants of 6 over 8, is not so good. Though I can fit them over; it's a tight fit and the restriction in movement of them together is quite apparent, especially the bending of the legs. I guess if you were stationary, it would be OK. If it was just possible to order the pants of layer 6 separately, going up a size or two, would alleviate the problem. Using the pants with layer 5 isn't a problem at all. Once more, I am happy with my stuff I have gotten from RCC. Cheers

Torren Wolfe
A solid piece of gear

This is the Russian equivalent of the US Army Gen III ECWCS. Waterproof, wind proof, most definitely will keep you dry in the heaviest of rain.

RCC Review

I've purchased the VKPO layer 4, 6, 7 as well as, mittens, Ushanka, balaclava and the KSOR. In addition I've bought the bivy tent and wool blanket. Everything I have received has shown up immediately. The service is awesome, Tyler has been at the ready to answer any questions. The quality of the products are outstanding for the price point. I have found them to meet or exceed the US Military 7 layer system. The waterproof membrane is different than US Goretex, however I've found it to have excellent waterproofing qualities. Breathability seems to be comparable to US Goretex. The Vest, layer 7, is probably the most important but overlooked component of the system. Layer 8 (which I got directly from Russia) is also fantastic, I wished I had knew about RCC when I ordered it, because instead of taking the three days it would have taken to show up from RCC it took three months. The ushanka, balaclava and mittens are a must have if you buy the layer 8. They all work perfectly together. The KSOR has heavier material for the shell than layer 8. It's a tougher suit hands down. I think they are both very similar as per insulation value. However, don't discount the layer 8. I think it is the more versatile of the two. 8 is definitely more comfortable than KSOR. Layer 4 soft shell is a lot like a summer weight BDU top with a zipper, it does work though. The bivy tent is heavy built, the zippers could be heavier and two way- that's a downside. It does come with the snow camo cover. It's about the same weight as a backpacking single person tent. The wool blanket is heavy and is full size, very very warm. Bottom line, everything that RCC sells that I have purchased will keep your a** warm during the next big chill like we're seeing now.

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