Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Layer 2 Underwear Long Fleece Khaki


This is the second layer of the VKPO all season clothing system, which is standard issue to the modern Russian military.

This layer consists of a fleece shirt and pants that fit closely to the body. These may be worn on top of a base layer or directly on the body. These serve the role of an "insulation layer" and work to trap in heat. They are recommended for cool, cold, and extremely cold weather. They fit tight to the body and allow the easy addition of additional insulation or shell layers.

This layer contains a fleece sweatshirt with extended back and long sleeves. Stand-up collar. From the middle of the chest to the top of the collar – zipper with chin protection. At the bottom of the sleeve – thumb hole for easy dressing, the top layers of clothing. Matching pants included. Pants contain elastic webbing around the waist. The clothing is made of fleece knitted fabric with selective comb. It is recommended to wear directly on the body, as well as use as an insulating layer with demi-season, windproof or insulated suits depending on the weather conditions and the level of physical activity.


Includes both shirt and pants

Brushed reverse side

Can be worn directly on the body

Breathable, providing air circulation

Insulation layer

Can put over 1st layer to provide insulation

Absorbs and wicks away moisture, dries quickly

Fabric: 93% polyester, 7% elastane

Surface density: 230±11 g/m2

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