Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Layer 3 Jacket Fleece Khaki


This is the third layer of the VKPO all season clothing system, which is standard issue to the modern Russian military.

This layer consists of a fleece sweatshirt. It is heavier and fits looser than the sweatshirt in layer 2. This layer is worn as an additional insulation layer in very cold weather. It consists of only this sweatshirt. It is often worn under the layer 5 demi season suit and is pictured with the layer 5 demi season suit pants.


The jacket contains two sided fleece.  The central zipper runs all the way up to the chin. The jacket contains a wind protection flap, a stand-up collar with two outer and two inner pockets. The outer collar, shoulder and elbow pads are made of finishing fabric. For better thermo regulation and heat exchange, the jacket has side inserts of one-sided fleece with a selective face on the reverse side.

• Thick pile on both sides

• Breathable, providing air circulation

• Used as an additional insulation layer with demi-season, windproof or insulated suits depending on weather conditions and tasks

• Folds into a small volume

• YKK zipper

Fabric: 100% polyester (fleece)


Original product manufactured by BTK Group

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