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Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Layer 5 Demi-Season Suit EMR (Digital Flora)


This is the fifth layer of the VKPO all season clothing system, which is standard issue to the modern Russian military.

This layer consists of a jacket and pants in the Russian digital flora camo pattern. This layer serves as a "shell" layer and keeps the insulation layers underneath from getting wet. It also breaks the wind and protects the heat trapped by the underlying ventilation layers. This layer is highly water resistant but not completely waterproof. This is intentional.  It is made to be both water resistant and highly breathable. During physical activity, it is highly likely the user will sweat. When this occurs, this sweat must be evaporated from the body to keep the user dry and prevent an after-excercise chill when the body reduces thermal energy production and sweat evaporates. This suit has zipper controlled ventilation flaps under the armpits to either trap in heat or allow sweat to evaporate depending on the conditions.

This suit contains a jacket with hood, central side zipper on the two-pocket zipper with windproof flap and stand-up collar. The top of the sleeves contain welt pockets with a zipper. The elbow area is reinforced with a lining of high-strength fabric type called Cordura 350D. Zippered pockets accent the front. In the rear area there are ventilation flaps on the zipper.

Pants are included with this suit and come with removable suspenders, side pockets and voluminous patch pockets with flaps. In the field of knee and seat are reinforcement pads made of high-strength fabric called Cordura 350D. The top and bottom of the side seam of pants contain zip closures for easy removal of trousers and provide free access to shoes. The bottom of the pants is adjustable in with elastic and patoy fasteners.

Used as a top dress or as an extra warming layer.

• Basic field suit for cold weather

• Repels water, protects against weather, wind

• Dries quickly

• Excellent air exchange, high vapor permeability
at loads

• Lightweight and compact, stretchable

Original product manufactured by BTK Group

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