Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Layer 8 Winter Suit EMR (Digital Flora)


This is the 8th and final layer of the VKPO all season clothing system, which is standard issue to the modern Russian military.

This layer consists of a water resistant insulated jacket and water resistant insulated pants. The jacket also includes an insulated hood. This is essentially the "coat" of modern Russian army, though it is designed to be worn with many layers underneath. It serves as both an insulation layer and a shell layer. Per regulations, it is worn with the VKPO winter cap (the modern Ushanka), VKPO winter mittens, and VKPO winter boots and is depicted this way in the photos . This layer is sometimes called a "Warm Coat" since it is designed to be used in extremely cold weather. With the rest of the VKPO all season clothing system, the body can be protected in stationary positions at -40 degrees Celsius.

The jacket contains a hood hood with an adjustable rubber cord on the oval of the face, There is a two-way zipper with chin protection. The top of the sleeves contain welt pockets with a zipper at the bottom to wrap tight around gloves (This prevents snow from getting between the glove and the coat). The suit contains roomy side pockets with zips, two internal pockets. The width at the bottom of the sleeve is adjustable with a patoy textile fastener, the width of the bottom of the jacket around the waist is adjustable with a rubber cord and locks. The elbow area contains reinforcement pads made of high-strength fabric called Cordura 350D.

The included insulated overalls contain removable suspenders and an elastic band around the waist. The knees and seat area also contain reinforcement pads made of high-strength fabric type Cordura 350D. On the side seams in the mid mid-thigh area are functional zipper located on two-way zips for easy removal of trousers and ensure free access to the lower layers of clothing and shoes. This makes it easy to use get to items stored in other pockets or use the restroom. The bottom of the pants is pulled together with an elastic band and adjustable width patoy.

Insulated suit for extremely cold weather, up to -40°C
(subject to the correct under layers)

Top fabric perfectly repels moisture, protects from snow, wind, prevents the escape of heat, dries quickly

The insulation does not absorb moisture, maintaining a dry heat

Lightweight and compact, Packed in a compression bag

Velcro textile fasteners

YKK zippers


Shell: 100% polyamide, encapsulated with silicone.

Insulation: Primaloft 200 g/m2

Product weight: 2290 gr


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