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Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Layer 1 Underwear Short Khaki


This is the first layer of the VKPO all season clothing system used by the modern Russian military. This layer is worn directly against the body and serves the role of a "base layer" in both cold and warm weather. The purpose of the base layer is to wick away moisture from the body and move it into outer layers. This allows for a "dry" feeling in warm weather and prevents and after-exercise, evaporation induced chill in cold weather.

Includes both T shirt and shorts

T-shirt contains round neckline, extended back and short sleeves.

Pants with double gusset fly.

Contains elastic webbing on pants.

    Lightweight Jersey

    Worn directly on the body

    Breathable, providing air circulation

    Absorbs and wicks away moisture

    Dries quickly

    Fabric: 100% polyester

    Surface density: 125±6 g/m2

    Original product manufactured by BTK Group

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