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Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Winter Leather Boots Black


The modern standard winter boot of the Russian military

The top of the shoes is 100% natural hydrophobic leather
* The lining is made of a membrane material with insulation that provides moisture insulation and good vapor permeability
* Contains Unique two-stage quick lacing system that provides fast and reliable ankle fixation
• Antistatic sole made of two-component rubber with high wear resistance and excellent cushioning properties

* Composition: leather, increased thickness (2,4-2,6 mm), lining membrane
• Color: Black

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction and fit guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Michael McCarty
Quality Boot!

These are some bad-A boots! The quality is top shelf indeed. My size is in between, so I opted to go up, since it is easier to make a boot fit that is only slightly bigger ( I just added an extra insole ), than trying to make a small boot bigger? My first impression of walking in the was kinda like watching Frankenstein walking...LOL....,rather on the stiff side. But, this not a complaint, it's just knowing it will take a bit of time to break them in, which is to be expected anyway. I find the lacing them up is a bit laborious, when having to do a lot of lacing up. I will probably swap out these laces with my ones from one of my German Bundeswehr boots, as they ( Bundeswehr ) are a tad bit longer in length, which I prefer. All in all I REALLY like these boots and am VERY happy with my purchase indeed!

Timothy Arnold
AWESOME winter boots.

These are really great boots for the worst of winter. Deep snow, below freezing temps, they keep my feet nice and warm. They also have pretty good traction on ice, definitely makes them a solid pair of winter boots. They're made very well, and can fit snug and be stiff on your ankle, but that can be relieved by loosening the laces.

Benjamin Cain
Superior Quality and Craftsmanship

By far the best winter boots I have ever worn. Warm, comfortable, excellent traction. The quality and craftsmanship are superior to the Chinese-made American name brands that sell for much higher prices.

Jimmy L.

These boots were shipped fast and arrived two days earlier than predicted so very cool.

The actual boots seem to be a combination of a more standard military boot and mountain boots.
There is a protective rubber like material covering the toe box and it goes all the way around the boot to the heal. This is something seriously lacking on the US issue gear.
The boots upper is a sturdy leather that looks to be treated for water resistance.
Not to fret as there is a gortex type liner on the inside to make sure your good.
Living here in the mitten state it will be a little while before I can give them a good once over in the snow.
But judging by the other reviewers that live much farther and colder north than I do I see no issues with these.

I may switch the laces out but I tend to use 550 cord laces for everything.

Solid 5/5 for me right now.

mike b.
Best warmest lightest boots EVER

These boots are Simply the best winter boots ever! I wore mine last year In N.B Canada and they were very Warm, comfortable, lightweight and exceptional ice traction. (you might want extra laces because they are 100% brand new and have to create tounge folds by pressing & tightining them over time) Just about to buy the summer ones!

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