Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Wool Blend Gloves Black


These are the standard gloves of the modern Russian army. They are part of the all season VKPO clothing system. They are wear-resistant. These gloves are very lightweight and warm. They can easily be placed in a pocket when not in use. They provide a lot of dexterity for the fingers compared to most winter gloves. They are not suitable for prolonged exposure to extremely cold climates. In these conditions, it is recommended to use the VKPO winter mittens instead.

Color: Black

Material:70% wool and 30% polyamide

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction and fit guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia

Customer Reviews

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Nice gloves

Kinda big, but didn't have much for sizes. None the less, they do the job.

Michael McCarty
Give these gloves a hand

These gloves have a nice snug fit, but NOT overly tight by any means. They do keep your hands toasty warm on cool days and since they don't weigh that much they are quite comfortable and VERY easy to pack along. Actually, they can be worn with the insulated new generation EMR mittens for even EXTRA warmth. Also, they remind me of the German grey WWII gloves in the appearance and how they are made. The price isn't that bad either. Buying these gloves is a win win proposition in every way, for both your hands and pocket book. I will most likely buy another pair for a spare in the future.

Jimmy L.
Nice 👍

These are nice. There not as chinsy as the surplus store type.
They feel nice and soft. Are decently warm (aside from wind).

There unfortunately just a bit tight on me. But they do fit.

So all in all if your a large glove or maybe a medium the standard should be awesome and I would recommend 2 pairs.

Gerald Furry
Super gloves.

I really like these gloves they keep the hands warm and are especially usefull to help with arthritus and I wear them a lot. -and they are itch free.

Good light weight gloves

Good value, lightweight gloves for chilly days. Very soft and stretchy wool blend, not itchy

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