Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Mittens Insulated Gloves New Generation EMR (Digital Flora)


This is the newest generation of the VKPO Mittens. They are part of the VKPO All Season 8 layer Clothing System which is standard issue to the Russian Military. These mittens are heavy, insulated, and recommended for extremely cold conditions.

Color: EMR Digital Flora

Ships from USA.  Satisfaction and fit guaranteed or we will cover return shipping. Ships free to USA and Canada (Including Alaska and Northern Canada). Made in Russia.

Customer Reviews

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VKBO Mittens

Very comfortable mittens. Perfect with the 8th layer winter suit.

Michael McCarty
Ecellent Mittens/Gloves!

I really like these Mitten/Gloves. They are quite comfortable and have a VERY soft feel to the insides, the outer material appears to be quite robust. Even though in my part of the sticks, it RARELY gets "minus" degrees, but, since I have poor blood circulation in my hands, even in 40° or 50° with a wind chill factor, it can feel like - minus° to my hands. But with these Mitten/Gloves they keep my hands warm and VERY happy indeed! For even more warmth, you can wear a lighter pair of gloves underneath. Once more the EMR camouflage is awesome looking. Size 22 fits my 7" hand, measured from the top of the middle finger to my wrist PERFECTLY! Thank you RCC for getting this stuff. Cheers.

Matthew Hunter

Excellent and warm gloves.

Lynn Bays
Great product

I really enjoy this product I look forward to using it during next winter hunt as it was warm when I ordered them. I tired them on and they are comfortable and in a warmer time of the year when I ordered it. it’s WAYYYYYYY TO MUCH it will do it’s job and keep you warm.


These are for serious cold. It doesn't get very cold where I live but to try them out while driving I rolled my window down and put my arm out the window and at 50mph and 30 degrees F I felt no cold air on my hand! I love that you can fold up the mitten part and have more dexterity with the inner glove and still have a trigger finger. Excellent hunting gloves 👍

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