Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army Ratnick Autonomous Heat Source 6E3

The main aspect of survival in the cold is to maintain a normal temperature of your body. Hypothermia is fraught with unpleasant consequences. When you are in Autonomous conditions, and it is not possible to build a fire, a chemical hot water bottle will be indispensable. The contents of the kit are Packed in an opaque sealed bag made of thick film. Instructions, precautions and disposal rules are printed on the back of the package. It contains 6 disposable hot water bottles: 4 PCs measuring 5 by 9 cm (STORK 2) and 2 PCs measuring 10 by 11 cm (STORK 1). Heat sources 6E3 are Packed in individual sealed bags, which also contain duplicated information on use. Inside is a powdery mixture in a bag made of breathable fabric. When extracted from a sealed package, the process of heat release begins due to the oxidation of the iron powder contained in the package with oxygen contained in the air. The composition is heated to 45-55 °C for 3-10 minutes. You can warm up - hot water bottles are placed in the inner pockets of clothing, in gloves, sleeping bags, etc. The duration of STORK-1-at least 11 hours, STORK-2-at least 5 hours. By area, STORK-1 is about 2 times larger than STORK-2.

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