Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army 6sh119 Ratnik Snow Masking Suit With Jacket, Pants, and Gloves

$75 $149.99

These are white masking suits which are worn over other clothing in snow to conceal the wearer. These are the modern version and are standard issue in the Russian military. By doctrine and by distribution, this is the standard outer layer worn by Russian military units when operating in winter conditions. This is "the" winter Russian camo.

These are generally issued in a standard size. With the built in elastic and adjustment straps, it can fit a waistline ranging from 32 to 62 inches and a height from 5'2 to 6'3. They are stamped with a batch number and year of production.

Please note that since these are "masking suits" they are made to "mask" or camoflauge the wearer without affecting the thermal regulation of other layers. This means they do not provide much insulation on their own and are intended to worn most commonly over vkpo layer 8 winter suits. However, they can also be worn over much thinner apparal without causing the wearer to become overheated.





Customer Reviews

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Great camo for winter time

Well made.

Wanted to get a masking suit for some time now and am very happy with this one. The attached gloves to the sleeves are a nice touch too.

Satisfied with the store as always.

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