Russian Cold Camo

Russian Army Travel Bag Olive


Army Travel bag complete with a set of personal hygiene items.

The Travel bag is made in the form of a transformer bag with many compartments for various personal hygiene items.

The bag has a small size and fits perfectly in a backpack. The case is equipped with a convenient handle for carrying.

Ideal for multiple days airsoft games, for hunting or just for traveling Kit:

1.Case bag

2.Toothbrush (folding-case)

3.Shaving Machine

4.Cartridge with replaceable blades

5.Nail Clippers


7.Sewing kit (buttons-2, needles -6, thread 2 colors, pin)

8.Towel (40x40 cm)

9.A set of patches

10.Collapsible silicone Cup with lid

11.Hygienic lip Balm


13.Shampoo-shower Gel

14.Shaving Gel

15.Aftershave Gel

16.Roller Deodorant

17.Washing Gel

18.Hand Cream

19.Hand Gel with vitamin E

20.Hygienic foot Gel

21.The Mirror Specifications: Weight: 1,2 kg

Dimensions: 20x9x26cm.

Color: Olive

Manufacturer: Voentorg

Made in Russia

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