BTK Group

Russian Army VKPO (VKBO) Balaclava Olive


-The famous balaclava of the Russian Army

-70 percent wool

-This is part of the VKPO (VKBO) All Season Clothing System

-Made to keep the face, nose, cheeks, and ears warm in cold weather

-This is standard issue to the Russian Military

-Wind-and dust-proof balaclava.

-Protects against environmental influences (wind and dust)

-The balaclava protects your mouth and nose from your own accidental touch.

-Excellent accessory to your everyday wardrobe

-Protects the head (face) in cold weather

-High thermal insulation properties and hygroscopicity due to high wool content

-Transforms into a cap


Material: 70% wool, 30% polyamide

Manufacturer: BTK Group

Made in Russia

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